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Partnersheep builds new revenue channels by connecting agencies, resellers, marketers with fastest growing SaaS companies.

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Top companies work with us

  • 100+ channel partners including resellers, agencies and advocates
  • 25+ SaaS Companies in 2 months
  • All around the globe

PartnerSheep is a Partnership Relationship Management Platform for SaaS companies

PartnerSheep finds channel partners for the fastest growing, best software products and provides them a platform to manage these relationships πŸ’ͺ

  • Share your sales enablement materials

    Share your sales enablement materials

    Sales enablement is a key concept in partnerships. Onboard your partners through videos, decks and more.

  • Receive Applications

    Receive Applications

    Receive and review applications from partner network of Partnersheep. Choose who you want to work with!

  • Track Your Deals

    Track Your Deals

    Track your deals seemlessly, check their status and follow up on them.

Join PartnerSheep Partner Network

By joining partner network of Partnersheep, you can refer / sell SaaS products to earn recurring revenue, ask incentives for your customers and involve in co-marketing / co-selling activities πŸ‘Œ

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    Checkout marketplace
  • Apply for a partner program
    Apply for a partner program
  • Start your partner journey
    Start your partner journey
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